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Goldco Civil was formed in late 2016 to service an emerging demand for civil construction contracting capability in the resources and rail sector. We pride ourselves on providing a professional approach to project delivery ensuring that our clients are provided with skilled service and support. We continue to successfully deliver small and high-value projects for clients in both the private and public sectors from roads to mining shutdowns; oil and gas infrastructure to detailed concrete works.


Our mission is to offer industry-leading solutions in civil contracting and develop longstanding respected relationships with our clients and stakeholders. The company aspires to develop a well-respected reputation that supports growth and development of a strategic position within the industry.


Our values are paramount in the ongoing success of Goldco Civil and will be upheld in every manner. Those values are professionalism; reliability; partnerships; value.


Goldco Civil has structured the company’s operations under an Advisory Board to oversee and optimise this growth and assure its sustainability. The Board oversees the development of a strategy to assure sustained and controlled growth of the business for the short, medium and long term. The Board provides guidance and oversight to assure that the appropriate resources, organisational structure and operational and commercial systems are in place to sustain this growth and optimise outcomes as opportunities arise.

Peter Lyons
Chairman of Advisory Board

Peter is an internationally experienced senior executive in the engineering, construction and resource industries, having spent some forty years working in line management roles within Thiess Contractors, Leighton and BMD Constructions including Civil Manager QLD/NT in addition to holding the role of Chief Operating Officer nationally.

Peter’s experience spans the full extent of project delivery from project development and tendering through to post contract finalisation and covers all aspects of project delivery including commercial, contractual and technical.

During his career, Peter has overseen large organisational teams actively involved in the planning, development, construction and operation of major projects throughout Australia, South East Asia and the Pacific including business strategy improvements, diversification and acquisitions.

Bruce De'Ambrosis
Director / Services and Business Development Manager

Bruce, whilst being a joint owner of Goldco Civil, holds the position of Services and Business Development Manager within the organisation. In this role, Bruce is responsible for the management of all facets of business development, supporting project teams in cost effective project delivery, and overseeing the day to day running of the company.

With over forty years in the civil construction industry throughout Australia—17 years in the field and 23 years estimating—Bruce has proven experience in the positions of Chief Surveyor, Paving Manager, Paving Superintendent, Engineering and Estimating Manager, Estimating and Business Development Manager and Group Estimating Manager.

Supported by his demonstrated capabilities in establishing long term, respected relationships within the industry, Bruce’s proven management and leadership skills together with his field knowledge and surveying background offer an in depth understanding of daily operations within the industry. This intricate knowledge base is the solid foundation for the tendering, planning and support of successful projects, offering exceptional value for a diverse range of clients within the civil, mining, CSG and rail sectors.

Stephen Alt
Operations Manager

Stephen, also a joint owner of Goldco Civil, holds the position of Operations Manager. He is hands on part of the site project delivery team, ensuring the execution of safe, cost effective projects in the civil, gas, mining, commercial and rail sectors.

With over forty years experience in the civil construction industry both internationally and throughout Australia, Stephen’s solid technical knowledge, together with his demonstrated leadership attribute to the consistent delivery of successful projects and value for our clients.

Throughout his career Stephen has been involved in numerous time critical projects including Factory Construction, Rail Shutdowns and Dump Station Construction. During these time critical projects Stephen has effectively managed intensive works with high resource allocation over multiple congested works areas. He has successfully achieved extremely tight program timeframes with severe deadlines.

Underpinned by his proven capacity to engage with clients and establish respectful and productive relationships, Stephen is the critical interface of remote and associated services delivery and execution. Working autonomously across several remote sites, Stephen is responsible for the stewardship of safety, scheduling, cost and duration components of projects and has proven to be the key contributor to the successful execution of works.

Bruce De'Ambrosis
Services and Business Development Manager

We pride ourselves on providing a professional approach to project delivery ensuring that our clients are provided with skilled service and support.


To enable the company to consistently perform at its best and excel in service delivery to our clients we have a developed a clear recruitment strategy targeting talent and shared values. Employee recruitment is based on merit, the defined position criteria, and is in line with our company policies and organisational values. Goldco Civil aims to promote workplace diversity, engage local labour forces in the communities in which we operate and conduct business to ensure equal employment opportunity. Employee engagement and retention strategies keep our people informed, engaged, motivated, and connected to our business for the long term.