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Goldco Civil’s Integrated Management System provides a framework that is integral to our engineered project management methodology and provides our clients the confidence that we can deliver their projects to the highest standards. The IMS Manual dictates the stringent Work Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality processes in order to successfully manage risk and opportunity through planning, monitoring, controlling and managing projects varying in size and scale.

Goldco Civil has a proactive approach to risk and opportunity management to ensure that any governance matters are managed within the company. A suite of policies and strategic plans are maintained to ensure the corporate governance of the company remains compliant to the relevant standards and legislative requirements.


The health, safety and wellbeing of our people is paramount; therefore, we lead from the top to ensure industry best practices are followed across all aspects of our projects. At Goldco Civil we value the safety of our clients, the communities we work in and our people. Our Zero Harm: Safety is Production is a true representation of how we continually address safety, so we can deliver projects on time.


Goldco Civil delivers civil construction and mining infrastructure projects utilising skilled personnel, quality plant and equipment and the use of engineered project management methodology. Successful project delivery performance has been achieved through attention to detail, including planning, scheduling, monitoring and control of projects.


Goldco Civil management has been actively involved in the successful delivery of environmentally sensitive and site rehabilitation projects. Our commitment to ensuring the environment is protected and considered in all operations is reinforced by the Goldco Civil Environmental Policy. We are acutely aware of our responsibility to the environment and ensure our people are engaged within our environmental protection processes. We regularly liaise with interested parties to ensure ongoing compliance with legislation and regulations, and to continually improve our systems and performance.


Integral to the success of Goldco Civil’s project delivery record is the inclusion of local involvement, including supply chain planning for the sourcing of personnel, materials, plant and equipment. Goldco Civil strives to forge mutually beneficial and sustainable relationships with the local communities in which we operate.

Consulting and engaging our teams in the identification of hazards allows us to mitigate risk through the implementation of control measures providing a safer working environment.